Rachel's Well® - A Community of Practice on Women's Health


About Us

We are building a community of practice dedicated to the health and wellness of women.  We call this community of practice, Rachel's Well®.  A community of practice is a group of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do, and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.  Our passion is women's health.  

ConoverSystems.org is a 501c3 tax exempt organization governed by women with Primary Ovarian Insufficiency. Our efforts are dedicated to the patient experience. ConoverSystems.org takes our name and inspiration from the legacy of Mary Elizabeth Conover Mellon. She lived life as a philanthropist, editor, and lover of the arts. She and her husband Paul Mellon established the Bollingen Foundation to spread the teachings of Carl Jung but soon expanded the effort to include other important works in the humanities. Mary served as the president of the foundation and the editor of the series until her sudden death, at age 42, in 1946. ConoverSystems.org, Inc. is grateful for the generous support provided by the Mary Elizabeth Conover Foundation, Inc.

Our fundamental aims are to increase access to quality health care and make it more convenient for women with POI/POF. 

ConoverSystems.org is a non-profit organization led by women with POI founded as of March 2016. Our purpose is to provide a governance structure and integrated communication system to support a community oriented genomic research program in 1) preconception health and 2) reproductive natural history. 

Vision-A world community in which all people achieve well-being and benefit from integrated personal health care. 

Mission- Build a cloud-based system of systems to advance the health and well-being women with POI/POF. 


ConoverSystems.org aims to provide a seamlessly integrated mobile health system to support genomic research as well as patient care. Evidence-based medicine is also patient-centered medicine.  Connecting patients and community health workers in real time with investigators who have the requisite knowledge and expertise would provide ideal care for each patient. The patient needs to be at the center of our clinical care and research efforts.  Health requires mindful integration of our own behavior and our systems of care.

 Mobile health employs modern telecommunications systems such as smartphones and the Internet to make these connections in real time. This technology has the potential to transform health care and biomedical research.