We Connect Women with POI/POF and Deliver Results


Press Release: Women with a POI-POF Take Control of Their Destiny

Press Release

The OMNI PORTAL® Process


What We Do

 We provide you with personalized life coaching services and advocate to help you procure appropriate and effective health and wellness care.  

 We are "Dedicated to the Patient Experience ® "


OMNI PORTAL® is an integrated cloud based process to improve health care and research.  This approach keeps the patient at the center of the effort and in control of her health records.  

The Problem

Women with POI/POF have difficulty finding integrated care and ongoing appropriate management for their condition.  

The Solution

ConoverSystems.org is addressing this problem by creating a cloud based virtual clinic.  We are establishing a patient powered network to improve quality of care and facilitate research.  

Our Vision for You

For many people getting integrated health care in the current environment is like walking alone in the dark.  We will provide you a navigator, a life coach, a road map, and light the way to a better you.